Do you want to custom design the Shopify theme? If you’re not hiring any third party expert to custom design your Shopify theme, you need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Shopify’s templating language, liquid.


Before you start making changes to the coding files of your Shopify theme make sure to create a backup of the theme so that you can revert at any stage. One of the biggest disadvantages of editing the code of Shopify theme is that they will be overwritten whenever Shopify gets new updates. Webecommercepros provides Shopify customization services and regularly update the theme to support new features so that it remains compatible with the new advancements.

2. CSS

If you want to make changes in colors, fonts size or styling of the elements that couldn’t be achieved through changing the options, you can make them via CSS. You will need to create a new custom CSS file by naming scss dot liquid.

3. Javascript

We can do a lot of fancy work and implement interactive and rich animations on the front-end using JavaScript. Shopify provides JavaScript API to create interactive functions on the pages.

On the product pages there can be different options available for the customer to select from. In a basic layout it will show a drop down menu but here we can use JavaScript to create a beautiful UI design by turning them into small selectors.

4. Liquid

Liquid is a Shopify’s template language. Liquid works with placeholders logic and loops. The basic role of Liquid is to link the website data with the HTML templates shown on a browser. Liquid is a simple to read and construct that accepts data from the store and displays them on the templates.

You willl run into issues if you try to customize your Shopify theme without good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid. A good place to start is to hire an ecommerce expert. There is not always a need of making changes to the code to customize the Shopify theme. We know what you require to have on your website. If there is possibility to use the settings and options, we will avoid coding.

By / Published On: April 25th, 2017 /

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