Volusion to Shopify Migration

Are you ready to switch from volusion to shopify?

You can rely on our vast experience of working with both shopping cart platforms to help you make your move quickly and efficiently.


  • Semi automatic process with manual supervision to make
    sure migration is smooth and accurate.
  • Highly skilled team with deep understanding of both platforms.
  • 15+ Years of Volusion specific experience.
  • Trusted Shopify Partner.
  • Hundreds of successful migrations.
Do you also want to migrate design?

Around The Clock Support

This means your work gets done faster and more efficiently. Day or night, someone at Web Ecommerce Pros is always working on your project.

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15+ Years Experience

We have helped hundreds of clients start and improve their ecommerce business with our ability to provide original and smart solutions.

How do we Migrate from

Volusion to Shopify

How do we Migrate from Volusion to Shopify

Requirement Analysis

We work closely with you to thoroughly plan the entire migration process, so each and every element of your store is accounted for and to ensure nothing is lost during migration.

Schedule Plan

Along with you, we plan precise dates and a timetable to execute the store transfer process to ensure you have little to no downtime and no interruption of sales.

Data Structure

We study carefully…then devise a plan specifically for your business, how to best organize your store design, products, customers and order data.

Data Mapping

We devise the most efficient plan to map all of the key elements including any existing design and product and category pages to the new eCommerce platform you have decided to move to.

Data Migration

We automate the process as much as possible relying on bulk data exports to move your entire product database with carefully mapped designs and product data. This results in less time for your project keeping your costs low.


We perform a full site SEO audit to map your existing store URL’s before the move to account for every page that is currently visible and ranking in the search engines. This step is key to ensure that you don’t suffer any significant drop in organic rankings and traffic to your store website.

Quality Assurance

Once the move is complete, before going live, we carefully cross check and re-check all pages and functionality to avoid surprises after the move.

Customer Support

We offer you peace of mind and support in the days after the move, knowing we’ll be here to assist if you discover any glitches or corrections that need to be made.