Hide price for selected products

Hide price for selected products

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Sometimes showing price is not feasible for the business. For example, if the price of material being used in the product changes frequently then it’s not possible to give a fixed price. Ecommerce business owner will want customers to contact them for the most updated price. Also, when there is a competition in business and the ecommerce business does not want to reveal their product prices upfront, they will need to hide product prices.

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Hide Prices of any specific products or a category and give users an ability to contact you for a pricing details!

You must have seen on many major ecommerce stores ( like on Amazon ) that they are hiding product prices from the users. There are often some technical or psychological reasons behind this.

In any scenario, like competition, varying product price or price negotiation, when e-retailer is forced to hide products, our add-on Hide Products for selected products provides great solution. We will include request for price button on the product page so that any serious buyer can click on it and contact you for the price. You can provide us the category name or any list of products where you want to hide prices.

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