The first sale is hard but matters a lot. But the real achievement is to get 2nd, 3rd, 4th and many other repeat sales from the same customer.

Studies proved that it is 6-7 times more hard and expensive to acquire first sale and a new customer than to get repeat sales from the past customer. The reason is it takes time to break the customers’ loyalty with the other brands or convince a very first buyer to get your products and services.

When you don’t want to chase new customers all the time, the loyalty programs is a win-win strategy.

If you opt for points-based loyalty programs, Sweet Tooth Rewards will help you satisfy your need. It is the most flexible solution with numerous ways to run your programs and campaigns.

Whether you need a simple purchase based points system or any custom designed solution, Sweet Tooth Rewards provides you a full feature set to select your desired way.

Loyalty points can be granted on the following actions:

1. Registration

In this program, customers are rewarded on opening an account. When a new user registers he is surprised to see the rewarded bonus in his account. He gets a  delighted feel.  This feeling of sudden happiness and excitement leaves a good very good first impression on the customer. They stick to your brand and come back again and again.

2. Purchases

Purchase programs are simplest and easy to design and maintain. The customers get loyalty credit money with each penny spent on your products and services.

3. Share

This is very convenient for the customers. The concept is to reward the customers when they share their purchases with their friends in their social circle. You decide how much points you want to give for each share. With the number of shares the points increase and the customers get more credits to redeem their points.

4. Custom

This the improved kind of loyalty programs in which you have a freedom to create any kind of campaign to retain the existing customers. This option grew popular because it’s up to you how to design the program. You can give loyalty credits based on any action.

How can you integration Sweet Tooth Rewards with your ecommerce website?

Looking for somebody to integrate Sweet Tooth Rewards with your ecommerce website?

Sweet Tooth Rewards can be fully integrated by Webecommercepros. We have recently started working closely with Sweet Tooth and are able to offer 20% off the first three months to anyone signing up

If you need Sweet Tooth Rewards integration, we would love to talk with you. Our development team will work with you to integrate Sweet Tooth Rewards perfectly.

For more information on the Sweet Tooth Rewards integration services, please, call us at +1-888-711-2347 or contact us for details.

By / Published On: November 26th, 2020 /

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