What is Responsive Website Design?

Your website must work on all screen sizes and devices. A study commissioned by Google revealed that 52% of users are unlikely to engage with a website that isn’t mobile friendly. We specialize in designing and developing websites that provide a seamless and optimized browsing experience across the full range of devices, such as smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. A responsive web design automatically conforms to the device and screen size of the user’s device and reconfigures its layout to provide perfect viewing in any environment. A swipe feature is also enabled on the touch devices.

Why You Need to Go Responsive

Responsive helps SEO

Google consider mobile-friendliness as a ranking metric for your website. If your website is responsive, it ranks well with Google. With a responsive website design, you only have a single URL to optimize, making it easier for Google and other search engines to crawl and index content. A business with a desktop version and a mobile version of their website essentially has two separate websites that can be difficult to track. Responsive eliminates confusion. It is a simple and effective way to reach your audience across multiple devices.

User Experience

If the navigation of your website is not quick and easy, the visitors will go elsewhere. It’s as simple as that. There is a direct correlation between a positive user experience and increased sales. If your website is a mess on a mobile device and lacks simple and easy navigation, the visitors will move on. Will you be happy with that? At Web Commerce Pros, we can create a responsive design to an existing template or build a new responsive site from scratch.

What Can We Do

We can design and develop a brand new responsive website for you or convert your existing website to responsive. Here are the
popular platforms we use to build responsive websites


I am very pleased with the final website and with the customer service that was rendered. I had a lot of revisions and they did all of them quickly and without complaint. They listened to me when I explained what I was wanting and they did an excellent job of creating it…I love it! I highly recommend their services!

Karen Poulson http://www.myfroglillyshop.com

The Web Ecommerce Pros team has been helpful, professional and great to work with. Despite time zone differences, their communication and speed of response has meant that the project has stayed on track and on budget. It’s typical to get dozens of proposals submitted by less skilled contractors ‘throwing their hat in the ring’ this company however, read the brief, answered my concerns and demonstrated their ability by providing examples of previous similar projects they had carried out. We’re looking forward to working with them again on future projects and would happily recommend them to others.

Andrew G. http://kidstoyworld.co.uk

I have 2 Volusion stores and a separate private server that we use for our homepage. I wanted a Volusion expert that could not only integrate all 3 servers so it appears as just 1 website but also custom code some challenging features that we wanted. After several interviews with other candidates during 4 weeks there was not anyone that was suitable to carry out the job. I then spoke to the WEP team and they answered all my questions correctly also backed up by their great feedback, I knew I had finally found right company to do this job. My gut instinct was right, they have done a fantastic job, their work is of very high quality! I was assigned a project manager who I kept in contact via Skype, this makes it so much quicker and easier to communicate. I cannot recommend Web Ecommerce Pros enough. My only gripe was that the project did take longer than planned however if you’re looking for quality then it’s no issue! My tip when hiring them is to make sure you have a specification that is very detailed and specific. This will make it easier for you and the contractor. I will definitely be using them again very soon.

Coach George http://soccertutor.com

These guys really know Volusion! You set the goals and walk away! it has been a worry free experience and we have ended up with exactly what we requested. They are also committed to every detail and I have the utmost confidence that I can just have them manage all of these large scope projects going forward. Worry free, excellent attention to details, timely follow-up and exactly what we requested. How can we go wrong?”

Ann-Marie Stephens http://typefreediabetes.com

This contractor is an excellent business partner; they are very knowledgeable in their fields of focus and can create solutions that you cannot even conceive. They will stick with you until the job is done to your absolute satisfaction.

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