According to the Forrester research, 87 % of the online shoppers leave ecommerce s website after placing items in the shopping cart. There are multiple reasons for this behavior. These reasons are certainly their road blocks.

The discussions over the reasons why customers leave shopping carts and how to reduce shopping car abandonment rate through improving the end user experience has increased in recent years.

Keeping the balance between the needs of an ecommerce website and the convenience of the customers remains a challenge. As the shopping cart abandonment rate is high up to 70% globally so it justifies to have the concerns over removing the roadblocks.

Here are the four most common reasons behind the shopping cart abandonment and how we can reduce them.


28% of the online shoppers abandon their shopping cart when they surprisingly see the shipping costs they didn’t expect. Shipping charges can make or break your online sales. It is crucial to inform your buyers upfront about shipping expenses.

Never display the shipping cost shipping fee if it is not exactly the same as it would be shown on the checkout page. Don’t try to deceive your customers.

By installing a powerful software will show them accurate shipping charges. When the customers are not surprised about shipping costs, the conversion rate and loyalty is seen to be high.

If possible, reveal the shipping charges at the product age and everywhere where it is possible so that they are well informed of all the expenses they have to bear after purchasing the product. You can include shipping cost calculator that will help to get the estimate of total cost before proceeding for checkout.


When the user comes he has a clear goal in his mind and that is buying a product. But some ecommerce websites behave poorly by starting asking them whether they are a returning customer or a new customer. They want them to recall the email they have used on their website and its password or create a new account by filling the fields.

If it is essential to get them create an account, then wait till the transaction is complete. If you request them of registration at that stage, some will not accept but many will. In both cases, you will not lose any sale.


The online buyers are worried about their confidential financial information. This is the no. 1 road block in completing the purchase. Trust is exactly what is needed at the checkout process. In order to build this, ecommerce websites should have high-encryption in place and security certifications

People don’t make payments on the ecommerce websites when their design is not professional or up to date. They tend to reveal their financial information on the ecommerce websites that are well maintained. Other things you can do to ensure the security website and get trust of the customers is by ensuring PCI compliance, getting SSL certificate and having https.


The most common failing of many ecommerce website is their confusing checkout page. They don’t give attention to the UX at the most important page of their website that creates stumbling block.

The most frustrating thing for other online shoppers is to give the information twice. The second most annoying thing is too many fields to fill. This is what they hate in any checkout page.

The prompt checkout page allows fast processing. Where others fail, you can succeed by including an option to sign in using Google, Amazon or PayPal accounts. Ecommerce websites should ensure their checkout page is simple with least friction. They must ask for only the most necessary information.

What is the best solution for shopping cart abandonment?

With Webecommercepros, you can have a better conversion rate by removing all the roadblocks. We make sure that your online customers are convenient in processing on the pages.

If you think that this post has given you some good tips on reducing shopping card abandonment rate of your ecommerce website and you really want to implement them, you can call us at 1-888-711-2347 or let us contact you back by leaving a message through our contact us form.

By / Published On: April 7th, 2017 /

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