It is very easy to understand why mobile ecommerce is growing faster than the desktop ecommerce
One reason is that the fact that more and more users on smartphones today connect to internet using their smartphones. The usage of smartphones has increased and will remain is up early in the past few years.

It is a multi screen world today. If you are not still convinced about the need of mobile ecommerce design and mobile marketing for ecommerce, there are many reasons why you should consider design and SEO for mobile ecommerce.

1. Mobile ecommerce

Consumers today are conditioned by the impact of smartphone on the shopping. According to Google, 64 percent of the only shoppers use their smartphones to find the store locations, read reviews and look for buying ideas on their mobile.

Mobile ecommerce hits the specific subgroup of the consumers that uses smartphones and tablets. Today males and females from the age group 18 to 34 are engaged in the online shopping activity using their smartphones.

to improve there are two areas in mobile E-Commerce design to improve teaser usability and the speed e commerce websites with mobile A Congress design should configure nicely on the mobile devices and tablets the features should be prominent

I’m out the water and practice is to design on the great structure format because it displays is it nicely displays content in a clean and simple way collecting the mobile Congress resign with too much contents and pictures is distracting.

2. Mobile SEO

Ecommerce developers can do to optimize ecommerce SEO for mobile like compression catching and improving optimization. The display of popups on mobile design should be limited. Their size should not cover more than 20% of the mobile screen.

Google is synonym to search in many countries. To serve better Google is experimenting to analyze the mobile site content instead of desktop sites.

Ecommerce businesses can’t ignore the mobile presence and mobile search marketing.

Ignoring the SEO is a slow death to any ecommerce business. Businesses rely on the searches and organic traffic. Today 44% of the online purchases start from the search engine. Thought, it is ecommerce SEO is complicated, but definitely possible.

Many ecommerce websites ignore the website architecture in its mobile ecommerce design. This is the foundation of any ecommerce website that determines the easy of navigation and how comfortably and quickly the user browses and finds the content. If it creates good experience for the users, Google is also happy with the design.

Rather than using short and precise keywords with heavy competition and broader sense, ecommerce websites should focus on long-tail keywords that can rank them high on mobile searches. They will not have huge search volume, but over long period of time, the number of searches will grow bigger by adding up collectively.

All of these arguments suggest that you can improve your ecommerce website on mobile by improving its design and SEO.

If you need help in figuring out what kind of changes and features you need to increase the quick access and user engagement on mobile, you can hire a reputable ecommerce designing, development and SEO company that offers the best ecommerce website designing, development and SEO services.

By / Published On: May 10th, 2017 /

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