While working for our valuable clients having their existing BigCommerce stores, we often need to seamlessly connect to their existing BigCommerce websites. We mostly need it during theme customization. There are also other instances when we require it, like when adding new functionality, integrating any third party app or building a custom solution.

So, we ask our clients to provide us API access key. It’s quite easy to give an API access details. We have written a quick step-by-step process to obtain it.

1- After logging into the BigCommerce, go to Advanced Settings

2- Go to API Accounts

3- Create an API account

4- Under Oauth Scopes, you can allow access to the following:
Content, Checkout Content, Customers, Customers login, Information & Settings, Marketing
Orders, Order Transactions, Products, Themes, Carts

Note: Our dedicated account manager will ask you for the sections that he will need to have an access. You will provide access to those areas only

5- After selecting the requested sections, hit the Save button

6- The popup will appear and it will also ask you to save the generated BigCommerce API file. Save it and send it over to us.

That’s all.

By / Published On: December 4th, 2018 /

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