A/B testing is the method ecommerce websites use for the conversion optimization. They can test different marketing and design options and analyze multiple alternatives for in-depth experimentation and study.

As there are many free tools available for A/B testing of ecommerce websites today, Content Experiments by Google tops the list. When you have great idea in your minds and thought about different design options for your ecommerce website, Content experiments can help you decide what you should implement.

You can test anything like designing new landing pages, overhauling of navigation, testing call to action button, creating separate menu. If you need to try 4 different variants, you will create 5 where one is control page. You can create up to 5 variants for experiments with Content Experiments.

Let’s dig into its options in more detail.

1. Metrics

Content Experiments ask you to choose metrics for the experiment. You can choose from the available options of Ad sense, ecommerce goals and site usages.

2. Objectives

You may want to reduce the bounce rate. You may want to improve ad clicks usage. And, you may want to improve the revenue using ecommerce. Whatever your goals is, you have options to decide your experiment goal. Choose option according to your goal, and you are ready to start experiment.

3. Traffic Percentage

You have to determine the proportion of your visitors before experimenting variants. Google analytics will send traffic to control page and all variants randomly. By keeping the percentage high, you will get more valuable results for good insight in a short time.

4. Advance Options

To get more expert results, you must explore advance option. You will see the option “distribute traffic evenly across all variations”. If you turn it off, Google will not send even traffic to all pages. Rather, it will dynamically send traffic to the pages performing better and generating more conversions for more significant results.

By setting a minimum time of the experiment you run, you will set a specific deadline to end the experiment. You will see the option to set up confidence threshold. If you keep it high, Content Experiments will take long time to decide the winning page.

How to get the most out of Google Content Experiments?

Google has provided us Content Experiments totally free, but you can’t carry out experiments on your own. Conducting the experiments and interpreting the results need an expert and professional. It’s not so easy to do it.

Testing any page of an ecommerce website needs a lot of time and resources. Therefore, we would recommend you to contact Webecommercepros because we have learnt how to create experiments, set the available options and tools and then interpret the results for the right understanding.

To test different design choices you have in your mind and implement the right one, contact us or call us at 1-888-711-2347 to talk to our ecommerce expert at Webecommercepros.

By / Published On: April 9th, 2017 /

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