Studies showed that for the 76% of the online customers the most important thing in the product page of any ecommerce website is the ease of use.

If you focus on it, you can achieve almost everything from your online customers.

If the product pages of your ecommerce websites are not converting, it may be lacking the ease of use and convenience for the users. It’s time to bring some nice and important changes to increase the conversions.

Customers come to your site with an intention to buy, but often the design flaws and content mistakes drive them away to land on the competitors’ webpages.

I can guarantee, if you make the changes listed below, you will create a good user experience that your customers wouldn’t resist to buy.

1. Create a Clean and Uncluttered Layout

If you really regard your customers, you will care for them by keeping the things simple and easy to see and find. If you look at the giant brands, like Apple, Samsung, etc, they have lot of contents to show, but the page still remains uncluttered. They intelligently make use of the white space.

2. Display Information in Bullets

Good copy is essential to sell anything online and offline. You have just fraction of a second to engage today’s fast online customers. Rather than writing a long paragraphs for the product descriptions, you can create bullets of key features and benefits that are noticed and scanned quickly. You can also give maximum information in a short space and above the fold. The information in bullets will be read more and influence the buying decision of the customers.

3. Keep Risk Reducers Next to The Add to Cart Button

If you are adding links for shipping policy, return policy, delivery time, size chart, keep them near to the add to cart button. Such links are the biggest risk reducers. Customers have many questions in their minds that often stop them from clicking the add to cart button. When left unanswered, this is often the reasons for cart abandonment. When placed near add to cart button, these links will remove their doubts and answer their questions and make them click on the add to cart button.

4. Use Tabbed Functionality

Not every customer is interested in reading everything you have put on the product page. Some may be interested in reading product description, but others may like to know the product features. Tabbed functionality will help you treat them equally by limiting the visibility of the text. If they want to explore something, they will hit it and the collapsed window will show the provided information.

You can accommodate lot of information in a small area. You can use the tabbed functionality to keep all relevant and lengthy information above the fold, that would be alternatively shown below the fold or any other page.

How to implement these design changes to the product pages of your ecommerce website?

When designing product pages for any ecommerce websites, every little change matters and can either make or break your sales. These little changes work collectively to make a huge impact on the conversion of your site.

The tips above were mainly related to the design aspects of the product page. If you want to incorporate them into the product pages of your ecommerce website, you must contact Web Ecommerce Pros or call us at 1-888-711-2347.

Our ecommerce experts will analyze the product pages of your ecommerce website and show you the recommended changes.

If you are convinced to make the recommended improvements, we will implement them along with the conversion-based design testing to increase the likelihood of customers conversions.

By / Published On: April 11th, 2017 /

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