For any specific task, you need proper tool. Like, if you want to dig a hole, you can’t use hammer. If you are going to cut a tree, you can’t take knife with you. Similarly, a standard tool is also not enough for your specific need. If you give a standard tool to any specialist, he will adjust it to perform his tasks.

There is nothing different on the web. There are certain tasks on the WordPress websites that require specific plugins to perform them. Pre-built plugins are developed for the standard needs. If the website uses pre-built plugins, sometimes, for one complex task, websites have to use multiple plugins to get the results.

It doesn’t sound a wise move.

Here are the areas where we can compare custom WordPress plugins and pre-built WordPress plugins against each other:

1.Investment Justification

The development of pre-built plugins is based on the generic needs. When you buy it, you pay for many things you will never need to use and also miss few important features you direly need. No pre-built WordPress plugin can be a perfect solution for any WordPress website’s needs.

You may think of customizing it, but it may cause problems in their functioning. But a custom plugin is developed to help you achieve your goals precisely. They don’t carry unnecessary features or options. It does what you exactly need it to; nothing extra. This is made only for your WordPress website.


When you buy any premium WordPress plugin or free WordPress plugin, you don’t hire their developers. There is no guarantee that these plugins are updated frequently. Their developers work at their own discretion. If they are busy in their job, they might not have updated them for long time. These plugins can be outdated and cause risk. If you get pre-built WordPress plugin, security is the constant and serious concern.

Let’s say you get a free or premium pre-built WordPress plugin and install it. Later on, new developments take place, but your WordPress is incompatible with the. You will leave your website exposed to security breaches.


You need to be successful online. All good and serious WordPress and ecommerce websites hire a professional WordPress developer to get custom WordPress plugins. As they are tailor-made plugins that are catered to their specific needs, they work fast and help loading webpages quickly.

4.Current standards

The custom WordPress plugins are developed with the current web standards in mind. People are accessing your website from different devices. Custom WordPress plugins are up-to-date that means you they are functional across multiple platforms. When you hire a development company, they will ensure to keep the custom WordPress plugin up-to-date to work properly.

What should be your next better choice after opting for custom WordPress plugin development for WordPress or ecommerce website?

Getting custom WordPress plugin from a reputable development company guarantees the quality. You can’t expect it from other free or premium pre-built WordPress plugins. If you are going for a custom plugin development for your WordPress or ecommerce website, always contact Web Ecommerce Pros, a seasoned website development company.

Ready to discuss your needs for WordPress plugin? Call us at 1-888-711-2347 or contact us with your message.

By / Published On: April 12th, 2017 /

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