Bigcommerce Quick Order Add-On

Bigcommerce Quick Order Add-On


  • FREE Installation
  • 30 Days free support
  • Supported with Stencil & Blueprint frameworks
  • Integrated search with Bigcommerce
  • No recurring fees, no hidden charges, only pay one time
  • Quick order list is saved for 90 days to reorder
  • Fully customizable. Contact us for your unique needs

Bigcommerce Quick Order add-on is designed to allow your wholesale (B2B) customers to quickly build a list of items they wish to order and push them all to the cart on one-click. We understand that every business is unique, therefore this solution is fully customizable and scalable by our team to meet your requirements. Watch our video or click the demo link below to see it in action and feel free to contact us if need it customized for your Bigcommerce store.

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Bigcommerce Quick Order Solution for B2B Customers to Place Wholesale Bulk Orders with Ease!

Quick Order / Bulk Order add-on is one of the best tools for B2B merchants running their stores on Bigcommerce. Wholesale customers often find it difficult to place their large orders through ecommerce websites lacking quick order functionality. These customers are often well aware of your catalog and even remember product names and SKUs, so they do not want to waste their time by browsing complex categories and visiting every single product to add into the cart. This tool will leverage the Bigcommerce storefront by offering a very simple and customized Bigcommerce search to find the products quickly and build a list, once the list is populated, the customer can review before proceeding to shopping cart. Once you are ready, you can add all items to the cart on one-click. The information will be saved in the cookies which will keep all items in the list for future use (on the same computer & browser) up to 90 days.

  • Clear List: Remove everything from the list
  • Add to Cart & Clear List: Push all products to the shopping cart for checkout and clear list. If you visit quick order page again, the list will have to be repopulated.
  • Add to Cart: Push all products from the list to shopping cart for checkout however the list will still be available for future use up to 90 days. Every time the page is revisited the 90 days counter will be refreshed.

IMPORTANT: All products with options must need to setup SKUs on the backend. How to Create SKUs?

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