Product Inquiry / Request A Quote / Booking Form

Product Inquiry / Request A Quote / Booking Form


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For any ecommerce business where it is not possible to set a fixed price for the products and where the cost changes with the materials, volume, quantity, the time when they want to have it, our Inquiry form makes a good sense. By having this form on the cart page, you can provide the buyers an option to tell you what they are looking to buy. Buyers will add products to their cart and request for a quote.

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Inquiry form to help making direct interaction between you and buyers for price negotiation through requesting a quote!

Our product inquiry form enables users to make a list of products their desired products and request for a price estimate from the business owners.

Not all ecommerce websites can sell in the same way, like by putting Add to Cart button. Many ecommerce businesses sell certain types of products, where it is not feasible to give a price, for example chemicals, custom products etc. In the custom made products, you can realize that it is difficult to set a fixed price. Similarly, in order to supply large quantity of chemical by a chemical selling business, it is also difficult to calculate the price along with the shipping charges.

So, here Inquiry form or get a quote form can help. Buyers can tell the quantity of product to the business owner and they will need to discuss with supplier or shipping services company to find a reasonable price for the buyer.

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