Out of Stock – Notification

A prodcut can go out of stock at any time. Just immagine your stock is arriving in few hours but customer is not sure about it. You don’t want to lose your potential customer. So we have a solution for this problem. Our notify button will do the trick. If a product is out of stock, this button will appear and your customer just have to click it. If a customer is already logged-in, they don’t even have to enter their name and email address. If customer is not logged-in, then they have to enter Name and Email address and push the button. Store admin will instantly get an email telling the product and the customer details.

Knowing this, you can give the customer immediate feedback on the time that particular product will be back to stock. This little procedure is very helpful as it shows that you care about your customers, which are sure to make them happy and stay more loyal to you.

Add-on Price : $199.00