Order Limit for Customers BigCommerce Add-On

Order Limit for Customers BigCommerce Add-On


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Certain types of ecommerce businesses need to set the minimum cart value limit to make their business profitable. Minimum order limit add-on allows setting minimum order value in BigCommerce. Once installed, the buyers will not able to place their order until they reach the minimum value set by you. An alert message will appear asking them to spend more to reach X value to place their order.

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Restrict buyers from checking out till they reach the minimum cart value set by wholesale ecommerce business!

Order Limit for Customers add-on enables you to set minimal spending required for any customer group. This add-on works with only logged in customers. For example, if the customer group is A and you set a limit of minimum spending $100 ( excluding shipping charges; it’s just the amount of products amounts ), he will not be able to check out until he adds products to the cart with total of $100. This add-on is very useful for wholesale businesses and if the products have very low prices where its profitable to sell only if bought in large quantity.

If the cart value is less than the set limit, the add-on will show a custom message notifying that he needs to spend X$ more to get qualified for checkout. You can show any message of your choice.

You can set specific limit to any specific group of your choice. For all the rest of the customer groups and other users will get the global limit.

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