BigCommerce Infinite Product Scroll Add-On

BigCommerce Infinite Product Scroll Add-On


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When the product list is long, it’s good to give users an essential functionality of browsing through the products by just scrolling. The concept is to show more content as the user scrolls down. Infinite scroll is so common on the web to keep visitors stick around at the page for a longer time. You can also add this feature to your ecommerce website’s category or main homepage to make it more engaging for the users.

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Infinite Product Scroll loads all products on a single page without pagination

Infinite Product Scroll add-on enables users to scroll down and view all products on a single page. This add-on eliminates the need of pagination and makes the page quite user-friendly.

Normally, when all products are shown on a single page, entire data will be loaded together. This can put a heavy load on the page and if the number of products is high ( say 1000s ) the page will even crash without loading.

Our Infinite Product Scroll doesn’t load all products instantly, but it just shows products that can appear on the visible screen only. As the user scrolls down, it gradually pulls more products data to show. The page will load fast and will remain light all the time. It gives a smooth and seamless experience without moving them from page to page through pagination.

Please note, this add-on is not compatible with search page

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