BigCommerce Custom Sidebar Block

BigCommerce Custom Sidebar Block


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Custom sidebar blocks will improve the site navigation and display visual messages, like banners, message boxes, etc. Custom sidebar blocks are static, which means you can get them customized as you want and can add as many blocks as you need. Ecommerce websites can optimize the sidebar by creating custom blocks. It provides you a good place to present compelling information without overcrowding the page or overwhelming them.

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Custom sidebars add-on promises to boost website engagement by optimizing the category page layout!

Custom sidebar blocks add-on is aimed at letting store owners create sidebar blocks on the category pages. Left side navigation normally keeps textual elements, filters, sub-categories, etc. But, Custom sidebar blocks add-on will include rich text and image, image boxes, visual messages, etc. These are static boxes and we will provide you complete guide on how to customize them. You can create a link to mini lookbook, collections, gallery sections, sales, promotions and anything you want. This add-on is very handy to utilize the side bar effectively and drive users’ attention without taking space from the original content showed in the body.

Normally, these custom sidebar blocks will be shown on all category pages, but if you want to hide them from any specific pages, we can customize this add-on to meet your needs.

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