Custom Home Page Internal Theme

Custom Home Page Internal Theme


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Our Custom Homepage Internal Theme allows creating new sections on the homepage that normally does not come by default in BigCommerce theme. You get the freedom to showcase any category blocks, special offer banners, promotions or coupons details, video or image gallery or whatever you think necessary to have on your homepage. We will link these sections back to dedicated landing pages where you have more details about it. Talk to us what you need on the homepage, and we will do it for you.

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Make the homepage more memorable and rich by adding unique and new sections that bring more traffic to other landing pages of your website!

By looking at any type ecommerce website, you will see they make information very easily accessible on their homepage. Besides just a functionality, it will create a strong first impression right from the homepage. Our custom addon will make the homepage more memorable for the customers.
You can win over more customers, if you include the most essential sections and elements on the homepage that users might be interested in. If you know what your audience expects on your website, you can create sections on the homepage and link them to the relevant pages.
You can make the homepage more purposeful and meaningful by effectively communicating important information and improving the user experience. For example, if you are running any promotional campaign, offering discounts, have a new product line, any event coming ahed, you can create sections for them on the homepage.
Customers coming to your website are looking for any specific product line, category, service, offer,etc. we will facilitate their transition to the respective pages from the homepage.

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