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Custom Contact Page


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You miss many good things, if you just use default design of BigCommerce’s contact us page. It’s a very basic one. Our contact us page is a short, sweet and to the point. It shows personality and gives users plenty of options to contact you, like social media, telephone, email, contact us form, etc. It includes Google map to show locations, which is great if your business has a physical location or office.

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Our contact us page add-on is designed to create a more interactive, engaging and rich contact us page!

For many ecommerce websites, contact us page gets more views than any other page of their website. If your business is among these, then relying on be default contact us page will not be a good choice for you. It needs a lot of thought process and dedication to make contact us page more interactive and interesting for the users as it’s the beginning of long term relationships with potential buyers.
Our addon packs lof of information and shows the information in proper hierarchy. It can start from address and phone numbers along with the map to show directions and locations. This is something serious potential customers are looking for when then come to the contact us page.

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