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Brand Slider add-on will add carousel at any place of your BigCommerce website to showcase all brands you deal with. We can style and customize it in anyway you want. Whether you need carousel or you want to show brands in multiple rows ( without carousel ), our Brand Slider is customizable to work in any way. The Brand Slider can be shown on all pages of your BigCommerce store ( except the few, like cart or checkout page ).

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Have a Brand Slider on your BigCommerce store build repute and credibility in your customer’s eyes!

The goal of having Brands Slider is to build a strong credibility of any BigCommerce store, if you are dealing in any top brands. This Brand Slider will showcase all brands with their images, texts and links on it. They links can take users to the brand page. This offers an easy navigation and good user experience. If you want to give them any external links we can also add to the brand images.

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