Thanks to the advancements in the web technologies that it’s easy for every business to have a website now. When you plan to get an ecommerce website, the first thing that you will have to consider is to choose the programming language for your project. You want your ecommerce website to be highly functional and visually attractive. Each language has its own strengths and limitations therefore the selection of a coding language depends upon your requirements.

Below, we have a list of most in demand programming languages for developing ecommerce websites.

1. Javascript

The popularity of JavaScript is the because of its dynamic capabilities. It is one of the very few languages that is accepted and supported by almost all top web browsers.

JavaScript enables to build interactive ecommerce websites. It is an essential programming language that works with HTML and CSS, so if you want to become a front-end developer you must learn JavaScript.

2. Python

Python has many right things. It has much to do with the way reflection is implemented. Python is the number one programming language and the most popular. Ecommerce website developers around the world like it because its main focus is on the efficiency and readability.

Development is not an easy thing but when you learn Python you will realize that it is the simplest and easiest programming language you have ever learnt. It is quick to learn and with practice you can become a great ecommerce website programmer in few days.

3. PHP

Php is the most widely adopted among the ecommerce website developers across the globe. The great example is that one of the major ecommerce platform Magento has been developed in Php.

Php is highly scalable and one of the easy to learn website development languages. It can be used as functional oriented and object oriented. It’s coding is different and needs little time to get acquainted with the coding style.


Whether it is FrontPage, DreamWeaver or any other programming tool, there are more web development tools that allow you to create HTML based websites, than any other web programming language. Through HTML, the look and appearance of images, links, headings, text, page layout and just about every element of a web page can be formatted.


MEAN can be used to write web app code, client side code and data base code. Few years back it was just a start of MEAN. Today, it gained so much popularity that many top tech companies are using it. Google, PayPal, Netflix and Uber are few to name here.

6. Java

Java has robust tools to make ecommerce website developers more productive. They are most powerful in debugging, which is crucial in the real world ecommerce website development.

Java is an object oriented and class-based programming language used in the development of ecommerce websites. It can perform on all types of web browsers that make it highly versatile language for the ecommerce website developers. It also has Integrated Development Environment that makes it much easy, efficient and fast.

7. CSS

CSS is a markup language that is used to create visually attractive webpage of ecommerce websites. CSS is an extremely powerful style sheet language which is used to control the look and feel of the content written in HTML. Since rules are only downloaded once by the browser, then are cached and used for each page load, the use of CSS can lead to lighter page loads, and improved performance.

8. Ruby

Many new startups build their ecommerce websites and apps using Ruby. Ruby is the 12th most used language for the website development.

The main reason for the popularity of Ruby on Rails is that it is more flexible and efficient in building complex ecommerce websites. Few examples are Airbnb, Bloomberg and Dribble.

So, if you need ecommerce websites with lots of customisation and heavy traffic, Ruby on Rails is the best programming language.

How to select the right programming language for the development of your ecommerce website – and get it developed?

E-Commerce sites can be build using different languages for its front-end and back-end development. These languages are used for different purposes and handle different functions and aspects of a a n ecommerce website.

If you have decided any particular language for your ecommerce websites, Webecommercepros can build your ecommerce website using that language. But, if you are not familiar with the programming languages and their specific strengths, we can help you decide which programming language should be adopted for your ecommerce website.

You can call us at 1-888-711-2347 or leave a message using our contact us form.

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