Multi-Child Add to Cart

Multi-Child Add to Cart

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When an ecommerce business is selling products with lots of variation and the buyers are also wholesale customers who place bulk orders, our Multi-Child Add to Cart add-on can do wonders in increasing the sales and easing the customer buying process. Our Multi-Child Add to Cart add-on is meant to reduce the number of steps in placing any bulk order for different variants of the same product.

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Multi-Child Add to Cart to ease the process of ordering products with numerous options in just one step!

When the product has multiple options and the buyer has to buy a few options from it, he will have to select one variant and quantity to add to cart, and for the second variation, he will have to repeat the same step again. If the variations are 10, you can imagine how much time it will take him to place the orders for all these 10 variations.

What our Multi-Child Add to Cart add-on does is it shows all variations in table form. You can see it in an image above. For each variation, there will be a row where that row will show all options available for that single variation with the quantity boxes. The user can enter quantity he wants to buy. For example, if the shirts are available in three colors, blue, black and grey. And each color has 5 sizes, i.e. small, medium, large, XL and XXL. Our Multi-Child Add to Cart add-on will show three rows for each color. And then in each row, it will show sizes with quantity boxes. By just selecting the variations and entering quantities in each option quantity box, the buyer can place order in a single step. This is how it works.

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