Incremental Membership based on Customer Group

Customer loyalty is always good for sales. Many sites want to give some benefits to their loyal customers. Unfortunately, in BigCommerce, there is no default way to provide benefits to customers who are purchasing a lot.

So to over come this problem, WebEcommercePros comes up with incremental membership based on customer groups. Our awesome BigCommerce addon uses built in customer groups to spread benefits to customers. Here is how it works…

Store owner will create special customer groups and assign discount levels to these groups. Then, based on the purchase volume during a specified/unlimited period of time, customer assigned groups are changed. For example, there are three customer groups setup

  • Beginner: 0% discount
  • Silver: 5% discount. Beginner will automatically switch to Silver group when he/she meets the level defined by store owner. For example, eligibility for a Silver member is $1000 for a period of 3 months. So if a beginner customer buy from website over $1000, he will automatically upgraded to Silver.
  • Gold: 10% discount. Silver will become Gold member when he reaches the purchase volume defined for Gold membership.

There is no limit for the membership levels. One store can define 3 levels while the other can define 10 different levels.

Add-on Price : $499.00