Custom Product Labels

This add-on let you display custom text/image labels over your product card on category pages. Imagine you want to show “Sale” or “New” or “New Flavor” or anything you want on your product card. This small add-on will give your customers an instant view of all New/Sale items by just looking at the category page.

The benefits of using this add-on are not limited. Here are some vital considrations

  • Customers/Visitors will instantly know if this is “new product” OR “on sale” OR have any special thing in it by just looking at the label.
  • Visual impact is always a plus point for selling products.
  • Its hassle free to add any label which will save site owner’s money and don’t have to pay developers for adding.
  • We made it in way that you can customized not even the text but also the text color and background color.
  • Same product can have multiple labels in different color scheme.
Add-on Price : $99.00