BigCommerce Website Speed Optimization

BigCommerce Website Speed Optimization

After the last major update with more data from Lighthouse, website speed optimization has changed a lot. Google PageSpeed Insights tool uses a new analysis engine and algorithm. If you constantly monitor your website speed, you would have noticed that the results are much different than they used to be. If you see the site speed is not good enough to keep your users stick around, we can surely help you.

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Make your Website Faster to Load and Score High in Google PageSpeed Insights!

Website speed is important for any ecommerce website in many different ways. As it’s the main factor in Google’s algorithm, fast loading ecommerce websites can rank high in search engine results pages. On the other hand, it will reduce bounce rate and increase conversion as the users are more likely to stick around. By optimizing your website speed, you can unlock doors for many good things for your online business.

If you are working on SEO of your website, your SEO team would have told you that page speed optimization is crucial for great SEO. More than half of the online users won’t wait for more than 3 seconds for a page to load. Website speed is what both Google and your users want from you.

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