Volusion Data Entry

As a Volusion store owner operator you will quickly become aware of how much time can be involved in maintaining your product database. The issue of maintenance, updating and general upkeep is not in any way exclusive to Volusion store owners, any e-commerce property and shopping cart system can become a real chore to maintain.

Volusion products data entry and maintenance is one of the core services we offer, here are few reasons of why you should choose us for your products work.

  • We have Wide experience of multi industry products
  • We just don’t copy-paste; we learn your business and showcase your products professionally
  • We always use the most efficient way to perform a job.
  • We go import/export route for products, options, child products and categories upload.
  • Bulk image editing and resizing using Volusion thumbnails generator or other software
  • Uploading product images, thumbnails, alternate views and swatches through FTP instead of manual uploading
  • Our data entry operators know HTML, Dreamweaver, FTP, Photoshop and Excel formulas
  • We understand on-page SEO and take care of all the SEO fields on products, categories, articles and home page.

Depending on the site (number of products and categories) and the frequency of changes and updates this can become a considerable part of the time and or operating expense that goes into running a successful e-commerce store.

At some point you MUST delegate these tasks if you ever expect to grow your business. As the store owner your time is better spent focusing on those tasks that actually drive traffic and sales like… marketing, search engine optimization, improving order fulfillment or any other many tasks that need to be done each and every day.

More simply stated… you need to focus and do only those things that really drive your revenue. Product entry and editing is a relatively low priority task that can and should be outsourced.

We have teams of experienced staff members ready and able to take over this time and labor intensive chore. We dedicate specific team members to work on your specific project. What occurs over time is that our team members become very familiar with your working methods, expectations and requirements.

This process and the familiarity that develops can become so streamline that you will only have to communicate what you want done via a short phone call or brief email and the next day or sometimes withing hours the task will be completed.

There is nothing more stress reducing and time efficient knowing that when you have to make a product edit or change or perhaps dozens of chages…all you have to is communicate your request and it will all be taken care of for you.

Because we specialize in the Volusion e-commerce platform our teams are able to work in the most time efficient methods possible thus keeping your billable time as low. Because we outsource the heavy lifting part of the labor intensive product and data entry you are able to realize maximum man hours on any project because the individual workers cost less per hour.

It is only in the final stages of quality control and checking work for errors that your project is passed back to one of our American staff members for a final review. We have found that this method of having lower cost outsourced workers do the bulk of the labor intensive work combined with a fresh set of “American” eyes on the project this is a very efficient method for maintaining work flow and controlling your outsource costs.

In no way are we suggesting that our foreign outsources workers perform sub par work that must be checked, it is much more a case that it’s always better to have 2 sets review work done on a project. There are always going to be some elements or issues that an American worker would spot that may slip by an foreign outsource worker. These can be issues related to language, pricing or images used that are naturally easier for a US based worker to spot.

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